We are fixing the small business economy
by offering business owners a common-sense
approach to cash flow management.

Our mission is to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your
work instead of worrying about your cash flow gaps. We believe that you
have all the potential you need to make your business flourish, and you can
do it without any stressful long term commitments. We're here to make sure
that when you need your hard earned money, it'll always be available.


We are very fortunate to have some of the most innovative people in
technology and finance help us make our mission a reality

kae capital
khosla Impact


We have considerable experience in building financial technology
businesses focusing on SMBs. We identified a substantial unmet need in
the SMB cashflow management space and launched numberz.in

kae capital


Launched & lead multiple SaaS
offerings @Intuit India, Management
Consultant, Product Manager. ISB
and Pune Univ Graduate.

kae capital


Deep product experience with proven
track of launching successful products at
scale leading to 3x growth. AT&T, Intuit.
MBA / Software Engineer

khosla Impact


Strong BD, Sales, Mktg experience -
Tech product, FMCG, Auto, Co-founded
Creative Assumptions. SAS, Coke, Ford.
ISB, BE Mech.