Helping small businesses ensure money in the pocket!

Manage your day-to-day cash-flow and get advances on your future payments with ease.

Cash flow management is much more than just tracking
your receivables and payables on an excel sheet.

Invoice Management
Expense Management
Connect to your bank
Advances on invoices
Accountant Collaboration

Numberz is such a relief! Simple and Effective. No jargons and guess what... no excel trouble! I can choose business over number crunching!

Sraboni Harlalka, Partner at Wodehouse Capital

Creating professional invoices is now child's play.
Well... almost!

Make more time from less. Let us do the homework of creating, tracking, reminding and helping your clients pay your invoices faster.

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Getting paid was an endless - and many a times embarrassing - series of followups! With Numberz it begins and ends with a click!

Varun, Vyom Entertainment


Payment and expense management that won't require any stress management.

Accumulate paper bills, without accumulating stress. Automate your expense management, reduce data entry and get full visibility and accurate insights into your pending payments.

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Keeping the project expenses at bay is a fire-fight at best! Numberz is helping me get ahead of the spends!

Subramanian C.,

Talk to your bank without talking too much.

Automatically download the transactions, no do data entry
Match and reconcile transactions with a click
No more multiple excels to track your numbers

Bank statements become very messy very fast! Download then understand and then find that one little entry! Numberz gets it all in one place - like a cheat code! :)

Balaji Mohan, Dr. Wheelz

Get advances within minutes. Because cash gaps shouldn't create a gap in your business flow.

Numberz offers a simple way to first recognise the cashflow gaps clearly and then fix those gaps by advancing payments against your unpaid invoices. And we do that through instant and easy financing, without any collaterals.

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Unforeseen payment delays from clients are a reality. Or there can be the need to spend more to bag a project. Numberz makes it hassle free to get such timely help! And no paperwork!

Sujith D. Reddy, Alpha Work Space


Better co-ordination with your accountant.
Better integration with your accounting software.
Feel better already?

integrates with

Now I don't chase my clients for their invoices, expenses or bank statements. And I don't even have to manually go through them. So I can work more towards helping my clients better understand their finances, without it feeling like gathering notes for an exam.

CA Rohit Taneja, Founder at

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